Where is Marley?

Marley is found anywhere she is called upon!

As a self-professed ‘jack of all trades’, Marley is able to put forth her best efforts in just about anything where she is needed, but she does have her ‘special projects’. Marley currently works as a Non-profit Business Strategy Consultant lending her skills to the following organizations: 

Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement 

Mentoring Women’s Network Foundation 

Pass the Torch for Women 

The Arc of Opportunity in North Central Massachusetts 

Marley also develops and writes several fiction writing projects including:

Castleview Hills: An Internet Soap Opera is a world filled with passion, intrigue and above all else drama! After checking in weekly for the latest episodes, you can also be a part of the story!

Marley also has published a number of journal and magazine articles focusing on topics as broad as community development, zoning and urban planning, and non-profit grant proposal writing in a variety of publications. Click on the links below to explore some of her published journal, op-ed, magazine, and e-zine articles:

Boyle, Robin and Marlynne Powell. “Aging in Place: Are Planners Prepared?” Planning and Zoning News, Vol. 26. No. 11, September 2008, pp. 13-16. (click here for PDF)

Powell, Marlynne.  “Planning and Zoning for Our Nation’s Senior Population.” The New Planner. Published by the American Planning Association, Fall 2009. (click here for PDF)

Marley also loves the art of creative writing, as well. As a Freelance Writer of both fiction and non-fiction, Marley is currently working on several projects as a Ghost Writer and Editor. Shhh! This is super top secret! But when the time is right (and that is VERY soon), Marley will reveal her pending project set to debut on bookshelves by the end of 2015!

Until then, take a peek at a Non-profit book Marley published in 2010:

Powell, Marlynne. Navigating the Grants Process: A Guidebook for Community-based Agencies, Municipal Planners, and Anyone Else Involved in Funding Public Programs. Blurb Creative Publishing Service, Blurb Inc. 2010.

To go directly to the bookstore page and purchase the book for $23.95, visit the publisher’s website: